Chip Repairs

We make windscreen chip repair easy, affordable, and convenient

In many circumstances where windscreens are chipped, we can repair them to save you the cost of a full Windscreen Replacement.

We stop chips in their tracks before they become cracks!

If you have a chipped windscreen that’s smaller in size than a fifty-cent coin, we can almost certainly repair it quickly and inexpensively. Getting in touch with us sooner rather than later will help make sure we can repair the chip to virtually ‘as new’. Windscreen chips almost always include a small hole from the initial impact which can let in contaminants. It is important to protect a chip from dirt or moisture as soon as possible, by covering the area with special screen saver tape until you can book a professional windscreen chip repair.

Chip Repairs | Gold Coast | All Hour Windscreens

Get in touch with a local expert in windscreen chip repair

Our local experts operate throughout the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads area.

Even small chips can spread and become a crack if not repaired early. Poor road surfaces, potholes, washing the windscreen with cold water, or leaving your car exposed to extreme temperatures, can be all it takes to turn a small chip into a spreading crack.

Once repaired however, the chip will no longer be vulnerable to become a crack. Don’t be tempted to try a DIY remedy to cover up a chip as it will likely end up cracking and costing you a new windscreen instead. Chips that are not repaired using the correct method and products can compromise the integrity of the structure and make it difficult for a professional repair to be done after it.

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